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The next morning (May 3), my parents needed to draw sex and cosplay some documents, my presence was required, so all morning I could not answer Anton's calls, he was very offended and. Sent me an SMS with the following text: I will not go to meet a person whom I have never seen and who cannot even be called. " By two o'clock, I more or less freed myself from my affairs and, having called my touchy sex and cosplay, having made an appointment with him. For 4 hours, went to sunbathe in the park, since it was warm and sunny enough, and I love to lie in the sun. From there I immediately went to see him.

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When I walked through the streets, I tried to avoid strongly lit sex and cosplay. I flew up the stairs to the apartment in one breath. At home, after a shower, I was so worn out, I felt so relaxed. My body was gradually moving away from the frost. I lay down on the sofa and covered myself with a blanket.

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